Bubur Kacang Hijau Recipe (Green Beans Porridge)

Please welcome my official guest writer Anes to Selera Malaysia. Read her story below about her experience on Bubur Kacang Hijau recipe.

Bubur Kacang Recipe
Bubur Kacang Hijau

‘I was not a big fan of bubur kacang back in my high school. But it all changed during my confinement period, after my mother in-law served the bubur kacang for tea time.

As a Malay woman who was on confinement with restricted menu to eat, I did ask for her permission to have some to taste. So, she said okay but not too much. Since then bubur kacang has been one of my favorite menus for our tea time.

Bubur kacang can be categorized as a dessert. Some people like to cook it with ginger and some don’t. The reason that I heard from older people is because bubur kacang can cause heartburn (angin) to certain people, therefore by by adding ginger it can reduce/prevent from the problem.’

So here I present Bubur Kacang recipe courtesy of Anes.


300g green beans
3 cups of water
¾ of Gula Melaka
400ml of coconut milk
1 screwpine (pandan leaf)
1 inch of ginger (optional)
Salt to taste


First, boil the green beans with water until tender. If the water starting to reduce before the beans cook, add more water. Once cooked, drain out the water and add coconut milk together with gula Melaka and screwpine leaf. Then add salt to taste and stir it well for about 10 minutes until it boil.

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  1. Hi thanks for great sharing all is very nice and very stay full sharing.

  2. My mother would sometimes make it .. and I always spend it .. :D


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