Food Garden food court, KLIA.

After 20 hours ( 2 hours in Dublin Airport, 1 ½ hours on Aer Lingus, 5 hours in Schipol Airport, 11 ½ hours on KLM) we finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). My tummy was rumbling extremely bad. After catching up with family at the arrival hall we then move to Food Garden food court to get a bite to eat. Well, where else to find cheap and plenty selections of day to day Malaysian food in KLIA other than the Food Garden food court.

Food Garden KLIAFood Garden KLIA

Located in second floor, the food court is a combination of variety of stalls such as Noodles & Sizzling, Delight Chicken Rice Shop, Nasi Padang Pagaruyung, Nyonya Meals, Nasi Campur and beverages. Consider it cheap with average price per meal between RM5 to RM7.50 compare to other stalls at departures with average price RM10 and above.

We ate and chilled for 3 hours before headed back to my parent’s house in Melaka.

Hailam NoodlesCantonese Kuey Teow

4 Responses to "Food Garden food court, KLIA."

  1. Wah... nak yang belah kanan tu. Sodapnye!

  2. Buleh, buleh...camana nak pos nie...Fedex or SkuterHijau perhaps??

  3. Look nice. Must try this place out.

  4. nice post garden food is so prefect.


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