Kailan Ikan Masin

I love to blog but lately I just couldn't find the time to blog. So now I'm back writing again. What I'm going to write eh? What else, something about Malaysian food. Since, the blog have been left without a new post for a while, I will consider this post as a jump start post to my blog.

Stirfry Kailan with Salted Fish
Kailan Ikan Masin
Ok, today I 'm going to share with everyone a simple vegetable dish called 'Kailan Ikan Masin' or directly translated in English as Stir fry Kailan with salted fish. The dish is best served with boiled rice together with other main courses available in this food blog.

So the dish is simple and easy to prepare but I don't know if I can find the salted fish and Chinese Kailan in ordinary shop/market such as Tesco, Dunnes Store, or Mark & Spencer. I bet, by now you're already an expert and familiar with your local oriental supermarket. Should be no problem then.

So to try, just follow the steps below:

200g of Chinese Kailan(chopped)
Salted fish (for this recipe I use Ikan Kurau)
2 cloves of garlic(finely chopped)
2 cloves of shallot(finely chopped)
1 bird eye chili (smashed)
1 teaspoon of fish sauce
Cooking oil

How to:
Heat up some oil in a wok. Saute garlic, shallots and bird eye chili until fragrant. Add salted fish and stir for half minute. Add Kailan, fish sauce and continue to stir for few minutes.

6 Responses to "Kailan Ikan Masin"

  1. This looks absolutely delicious! Is it spicy? I wanna learn how to make this...

  2. If you don't like spicy, you can just take out the bird eye chili. Hope you like it.

  3. It sounds that it would be great to taste it and i think it would fun to make it which i think would be easier to do. Hopefully i will have some taste of it....

  4. Thanks for sharing some ideal review about this Kailan Ikan Masin. So glad to have drop by reading this post.

  5. This is indeed a grate recipe. Thanks for sharing this delicacy; so glad to drop by reading this post.

  6. This vegetable looks very nice. thanks for sharing the recipe. ^^


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