Acar Buah Azizah's Recipe

Acar Buah Azizah's Recipe
Happy Ramadan Mubarak!

Hi, I'm Anes the co founder of I'm here to introduce a great homemade product for you try. It is called Acar Buah Azizah’s Recipe. To be honest, I'm not a fan of Acar Buah until I tasted Acar Buah Azizah’s Recipe, it has now become a permanent item in my fridge.

Acar Buah Azizah's Recipe
My hubby (also not a fan before) has tasted,few friends have tasted, and they like it very much. So for that reason, I am so thrilled and excited when Puan Asmah(Azizah’s Daughter) give me the opportunity to be one of their distributor.

Three sizes, 400g, 540g and 800g
They are nicely packed in glass bottles and come in 3 sizes, 400grams, 540grams and 800 grams. If you would like to order or to know more about the product, please do contact me at my email I will try to revert back to you as soon as possible.

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