Ketupat Weaving, The Lost Art of Malaysia

Ketupat Pasar
Well, hello there! We will be off until next week due to Aidilfitri celebration. Hence, like to take this opportunity to wish Salam Aidilfitri (Eid Mubarak) and Maaf Zahir & Batin to all. Yes! We are going to balik kampung and ketupat, lemang and rendang are waiting for us....

In Malaysia, ketupat(compressed rice in woven coconut shoot) has always be a compulsory in every houses during  Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Perhaps, without the ketupat, the celebration will somehow feel incomplete.

Ketupat weaving can be considered as a lost art of Malaysia because now days not many Malaysian know or interested to learn how to weave, especially the younger generation. Anyway, I've conducted a special weaving project for my two kids, just to show them the beauty of it. They were so excited (a good start), and so the weaving project begins with joy. Look at the commitment given by the crews. I was so impressed!

Ketupat - Cooking Process
There are several types of ketupat. The one that I’ve woven here, called ketupat pasar. I love to explain in detail on how to weave but seems hard and complicated to put it in writing. The embedded video below will / might explain everything.

It is simple to cook ketupat. The most important thing is not to overfill rice into a ketupat casing. One third rice of a casing will be just nice. The result will be not too soft and not too hard.

Rice (soak and rinse)
Salt to taste

How to:
Insert rice into the ketupat casing(one third) and boil in a pot. Add salt to taste. Boil it for about 2 hours. Monitor the water and continue to add more where necessary.

Ketupat with Beef Rendang

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