Ayam Masak Halia (Ginger Chicken Recipe)

Ayam Halia
Ayam Halia

Today, my recipe is a simple 'Ayam Masak Halia'. This is a five minutes dish but it wonderful ginger taste will never let me down. I don't like to serve pre heated food for my hubby and thats isn't his preference too. Also, I need a quick and easy to prepare meal due to rapid change in current situation and environment (fast moving) in Malaysia. Even for a housewife, the demand is so high,my time is so limited (cooking, cleaning, kids school and blogging) and I don't want to spend too much time just in my kitchen. So, I constantly search and look for simple and easy recipes that can be prepared instantly but yet still nice and tasty.

The main ingredient in 'Ayam Masak Halia' is ginger. Ginger is commonly used in most of Asian cooking. It gives a wonderful taste and aromatic flavour to your cooking. These are among recipes with huge consumption of ginger as that I've shared before in our blog, Steamed Sea Bass, Dried Mushroom Porridge, Siakap Stim Limau and Spicy Roasted Chicken.

Ayam Halia Recipe
Ayam Masak Halia
'Ayam Masak Halia' can be easily found in any Malay restaurant. This is a must order menu for us everytime we dine out. We will order together with other menu such as Beef Padprik, Chicken Padprik, Tom Yam Soup, Butter Prawn and more. Anyway, once you try out to cook it by yourself, you will find it so easy and surprisingly cheap too. Just follow my simple recipe below.

2 pieces of boneless chicken/chicken breast
1 fresh green chili (can substitute with 7 pcs bird eye chilies)
1 onion
3 inches of ginger
1 teaspoon cornflour/ 1tbs oyster sauce
1-2 tablebspoon cooking oil
salt and sugar

How to:
1. Cut the chicken into small pieces/cube size.
2. Sliced the green chilli, onion and ginger.
3. Put the cooking oil into wok, once hot saute the onion and ginger until fragrance. Put in the chicken and mix.
5. Once the chicken half cook, put in the cornflour (mix with water) or the oyster sauce for a thicker sauce.
6.  Add the salt and pinch of sugar to taste and sprinkle the sliced chilies. Then mix.
7. Once chicken cooked, served into bowl and ready to eat.

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