Delicious Popiah Basah at Qi Ji Restaurant

Popiah Basah
Popiah Basah

Do you like to eat Popiah or fancy it for your Iftar tonight? May it be Popiah Goreng(fried) or Popiah Basah, both give an unique taste in it category. My wife is a Popiah Basah fanatic and according to her, the best that she ever had was at Qi Ji restaurant in Singapore. I like it too but not a fanatic, ha ha. The restaurant is in Singapore and there are a few branches available. My favourite branch is located Bugis Village, 160 Rochor Road.

I am currently working in Singapore and usually will order for 'tapau' (take away) just before heading back to Johor Bahru and the one in the pictures were bought back last night for our Iftar. Even though it was  a takeaway, one thing best about Qiji's Popiah was that, after a few hours later, the fill inside it fstill maintain moist and crunchy. So, the taste still the same as you were dine-in in the restaurant.

Popiah Basah for Tapau
So, what do you need to know about Qi Ji's Popiah Basah? There are two types available, regular(S$2.00) and with prawn (S$2.50). From my observation, the main ingredient used are Sengkuang(Sweet Turnip), Carrot, Salad, hard boiled egg and delicious sambal. All the fresh ingredients are neatly placed and rolled using a soft Popiah skin. You can skip the Sambal but for me the Sambal add extra flavour to the Popiah.

Usually, there will be a long queue at Qi Ji in Bugis area. Well, Singaporean love to queue for foods, long queues are every where. Long queue means great foods. However, you are allowed to cut queue, if you are just for their delicious Popiah.  

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