Detox Water for healthy and beautiful body

Detox Water
Detox Water
There are several way to detox your body. To have a perfect and healthy body and skin, what we need to do are to perform exercises, take multi vitamins, to eat healthy foods and to drink detox water. This is my version of detox water which I have consumed for about a week. I took half glass of detox water on every morning, and now it feels like my body is more energetic and healthier than before. I will continue to make and drink detox water going forward.

Air Detox
Air Detox
There were many ways to prepare detox water, depending on your preference and creativity. Some might used fresh fruits like apples, berries, watermelon, kiwis, pineapples etc. On top of that we might put fresh mint leaves, cinnamon or ginger for extra refreshing taste and detox functions. Mine was simple. Just add few type of lemon in a jug of water will do. I have used Citrus, Key Lime and Calamansi.

Orange, Key Lime and Calamansi
Orange, Key Lime, Citrus and Calamansi
So, what is detox water? Detox water are very popular not only for body slimming, but it helps to improve metabolism and digestive system too. Detoxication is a process of eliminating toxic and unhealthy substances from our body. In order to make a smooth process for our body to flush out all the unnecessary inside, we need to take a balance diet. It is important to have a regular intake of fruits, vegetables and plenty of water. Some of us are very difficult to drinks plain water, therefore detox drinks are the best solutions. Below are the instruction for our simple version of detox drink:

1 Orange
1 Citrus Lemon
3 Key Lime
7 Calamansi
A jug of water

How to:
Slice all the fruits above and put them in a jug of water. Then keep the jug in a fridge for about eight hours. Done! Don't put it in the fridge if you prefer warm. I have also prepared it warm as my wife preference.

There were few natural ways to detox our body;

1. Cut the morning coffee and replace with drink green teas
2. Regular intake of fruits and vegetable
3. More fibers in daily meals (beans and wholegrains)
4. Fasting
5. Get enough sleep
6. Exercise regularly
7. and drink plenty of water for sure

After one week, seem like my wife looks happy and energetic. She told me that her digestion system has improved a lot and also feels that her body is slimmer than before.

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