Organic Mushroom Tempura Recipe

Mushroom Tempura

What so special about Organic Mushroom Tempura recipe? It is a two minutes recipe and most importantly we grow its ourself indoors. This is a White Oyster mushroom. Oyster mushrooms are easy to grow indoors. It is delicious and versatile in kitchen too.

Mushroom Tempura

To grow mushrooms indoors, you will need some mycelium spawn. Ahh that sound jargon, isn't it! Lets grow with Organic Mushroom Farm Kit by Cantik instead. So, I decided to do a little science project with my kids, and the outcome was so great. The kids were so amazed and excited too (as per their faces below) with the project and so do I. The mushrooms were harvested after ten days, and Anes has prepared a simple and delicious mushroom snack for the kids, a Mushroom Tempura.

Organic Mushroom

Simply follow the instruction below for our simple Mushroom Tempura recipe. You can drop me an email if interested or to ask me about the Mushroom Farm Kit.

Organic Mushroom (thinly sliced)
2 eggs
2 tbs corn flour
1 tbs wheatflour
Salt and pepper

How To:
Whisk the eggs with pinch of salt and black pepper in a bowl. Wash and toss the mushrooms. Mix it with the whisked eggs. Then coat the mushrooms with mix flours(corn & wheat) and deep fry in hot cooking oil for about 2-3 mins. Remove mushrooms from fryer and let them dry out on a paper towel to absorb any excess oil. Place the mushrooms on a plate and best to be served together with Sweet Thai sauce.

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